There are several myths related to athlete’s foot, a common foot condition that affects many in Utah and across the nation. While seeing a foot doctor is a must when you contract athlete’s foot, becoming better-informed can help you both prevent the condition and know what to do should you contract it.

One of the most pertinent myths regarding athlete’s foot is that showering can help prevent the condition. In fact, showers are one of the areas where you are more likely to pick it up - especially if you go barefoot in crowded locker rooms. 

Many think that by keeping their feet covered in shoes and socks, they can avoid the risk of developing athlete’s foot. But if your feet are wet, this actually creates the perfect environment (dark and damp) for fungi to grow and thrive.

Another common misconception is that athlete’s foot can only affect the feet. In fact, the condition can easily spread to other parts of the body through contaminated clothing, or by touching other body parts after scratching the itch.

Treatment for this condition isn’t just once and done, either. After having athlete’s foot treated by a foot doctor, it can still return if proper preventative steps are not taken. At Wasatch Foot & Ankle Institute in Utah, our specialists can help you beat athlete’s foot and take the right steps to ensure it doesn’t come back.