It’s common sense that you would want to purchase the right size of shoe for your feet. But surprisingly, many in Utah and across the nation purchase shoes that are too small for their foot size. What many don’t realize is that this simple choice can cause or aggravate foot problems, and in severe cases, cause the need for a visit to the foot doctor.

Trying to cram feet into an unnaturally tight space can lead to all sorts of problems, including blisters, aches and pains and even more serious conditions such as hammer toe. Hammer toe and other conditions can become so serious that they may even require surgery from a foot doctor.

So how do you make sure your shoes are the right size? For starters, measure your feet. Chances are that one is slightly bigger than the other; if this is the case, make sure your shoe size will comfortably fit the larger foot. 

To achieve a comfortable fit, experts recommend leaving about half an inch of space between the big toe and the front of the shoe. Shoes should also not fit too tightly—for those with wider feet, a wide fit shoe is generally recommended.

Of course, any shoe aficionado in Utah or any other state will tell you the most important test is walking in the shoes. Treat your feet right and choose shoes that will be comfortable no matter how far you need to walk.