A sprained ankle occurs when the ankle is rolled, twisted or turned in an unnatural manner. After the awkward movement has occurred, the tough bands of tissue which are responsible for holding ankle bones together — also known as ligaments — must return to their normal, uninterrupted state. In order for such a physiological feat to be accomplished, self-care measures can be taken. If pain persists, however, a visit to your local foot doctor might be required.


Though most, regardless of whether you live in Utah or not, have both experienced and overcome the discomfort associated with the common ankle sprain, what can be troublesome is the mental toll taken on a person. Whether running or walking, routine ankle sprains cause a great deal of mental stress for their victims. 


For starters, to overcome the anxiety of sports-related injuries, become familiar with the symptoms of clinical stress. Reports LiveStrong.com, “Symptoms of anxiety include muscle soreness, restlessness, fatigue, irregular heart rhythm, shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness and nausea.” From the get-go, if widespread mistrust and nervousness can be identified, they can more easily be overcome.


As recuperation — under the instruction of your local foot doctor, of course — begins to gain momentum, other measures may be taken. By accurately following a rehabilitation program, keeping up-to-date with ankle-sprain education and the occasional visit to your local sports psychologist, additional mental fatigue can become a thing of the past. From Utah to New York, life was meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.




Ankle sprain heart complications and anxietu
By Fred
January 07, 2018
I sprained my ankle in September from a sports related event, after that I've had rapid heart rate, an anxiety/panic attack and it's caused a whole load of problems that's convinced me I've got something wrong with my heart. Is this most likely injury-related or something else? I'm 21 and would say quite healthy but this has really got to me and it's beginning to eat away at me. My heart I am always hearing now, it hurts on occasion and my ankle still isn't better properly though it looks like it's mending, is this anxiety caused by the injury or is it worse than that?