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A unique approach to in-office procedures

Many patients have anxiety when it comes to needles and scalpels.  This fear has led many to neglect their foot health and put off needed work.  Now there’s a solution – conscious sedation podiatry.

Nitrous oxide has been safely used in dental offices for years as a method to ease anxiety and pain associated with in-office procedures.   Our physicians have unique training in the administration of nitrous oxide and offer it for various in-office procedures.  Conscious sedation allows us to offer truly anxiety free podiatry. 

Not all foot ailments need to be taken to the operating room for correction. Conscious sedation podiatry allows us to treat you in the comfort and convenience of our office.  At Wasatch Foot & Ankle Institute, we realize that everyone is different, that each person has a different level of comfort.  We understand that podiatric procedures don’t have to be painful, or scary.  Call today and get ready to experience an entirely new level of worry-free patient care.

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