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Custom Orthotics

We’re all conscious of our weight goals and our diet plans, so why aren’t we more
attuned to other health issues, like foot health? We put so much pressure on our feet
every day, that we should be taking advantage of opportunities to relax our foot
muscles. Here’s what happens: you put weight and pressure on your feet doing
every-day activities, like walking, exercising, working, and playing. This can result in
foot injuries that ultimately lead to severe foot and ankle pain.

There may be more specific reasons of why your feet hurt, like being overweight, a
job that requires standing all day, or an existing serious foot injury. No matter what
the reason is, if you are suffering from foot pain on a regular basis, then custom
orthotics are for you.

Even people who don’t experience regular foot pain use custom orthotics to improve
muscle performance and release stress. And good news! If you have flat feet,
custom orthotics can help you solve that problem too.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are devices that are made for the sole purpose of aligning the foot
and the ankle in a position that is anatomically efficient. They’re made specifically to
correct your foot imbalance and, as the name depicts, custom orthotics are made
individually for every foot by using 3D imaging such as the software from Footmaxx.

Custom Orthotics work the same way as glasses do on the eyes. They bring your
feet back into proper alignment, ultimately reducing stress and strain on your feet.

What About Generic Orthotics?

You might wonder what the difference is between custom orthotics and the generic
variety. There are many! Custom orthotics are made using precise imprints of your
feet, so you can be sure they’re created based on your specific foot. These
biomechanical medical appliances are made solely to improve muscle movement
and release stress and strain on your feet.
Generic orthotics are made from silicone, rubber and sometimes cork. Fit depends
on shoe size, and they can be trimmed if they’re not exact. Generic orthotics are
cheaper than custom orthotics, but the potential for individual modification is very
Custom orthotics are made to perfectly fit the size and shape of an individual’s foot,
so they are more effective when it comes to reducing foot pain.
If you are worried about your foot health, we suggest you try custom orthotics as
soon as possible. If you are experiencing serious foot pain, contact Wasatch Foot

and Ankle Institute. We can help you identify the main problem and find an effective
Focus on foot and ankle health, because happiness begins with your feet.

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