Chilblains: Everything You Need to Know About These Itchy Spots of Inflammation

Also known as pernio or perniosis, chilblains are small, itchy spots on the skin that appear when your skin’s tiny blood vessels become inflamed. It is thought that chilblains are an abnormal circulatory reaction to repeated exposure to cold, or damp environments (non-freezing). Their appearance are usually small red patches that swell, itch, or blister, and are usually found on the feet and hands. While they aren’t sore at first, in severe cases where blisters or ulcers develop, chilblains do become painful.

Who Do They Most Commonly Affect?

Chilblains most commonly impact women more so than men, but those who are overly sensitive to weather changes and temperature can also develop chilblains. Those who have medical conditions such as anemia or Raynaud’s, are at greater risk of developing them. As well as, those who are sedentary, elderly, or those with poor circulation.

What Are the Symptoms?

You may experience any of the following symptoms within 2 -14 hours after exposure to a cold or damp environment. Chilblains normally impact the hands, lower legs, ears, and feet.

- An intense itching on the skin.</