Gearing Up for Summer Heat: How to Protect Your Feet and Avoid the Foot Doctor

With the warm, beautiful weather on its way, it’s time to start thinking about gearing your feet up for the summer heat. While we may be tempted to pack away all of our socks and pull out our flip-flops and sandals, it’s important to first consider what summer has in store for us; heat, dirt, humidity, and warm-weather activities. This type of environment can lead to fungal growth, bacterial infections, swelling, as well as, cuts and bruises. Without the right protective gear or measures in place, you might end up with foot pain that requires an appointment with Wasatch Foot and Ankle. To help you avoid this, we’ve compiled this brief guide on gearing up for summer.

Don’t Exile the Socks Completely

One of the first things many of us do is pack away our socks. While thick winter socks won’t do you any good in the heat, you shouldn’t exile all socks from your drawer. If you’re planning on participating in warm-weather activities like camping, hiking, or theme-park adventures, it is important to keep your feet dry. For this, you need specialized socks that are made from moisture-wicking materials, use low-impact dyes, and don’t have itchy seams in them.

l Materials: the best choices here are Merino wool, polyester, bamboo, silk sock liners, and Ingeo which is a corn-based, eco-friendly sock made out of polylactic acid fibers. The recommendation on the wool comes from the fact that it keeps your feet cool and dry by transporting and pulling moisture away as vapor and storing it in the inherently porous fibers [1].

l Dyes: look for dyes that are eco-friendly and low-impact. They use non-toxic chemicals, or can be naturally made from wild plants.

By following these measures, you avoid needing to see a podiatrist (foot doctor), as you’re less likely to contract fungal growths, have foot pain from open wounds and blisters, or have infections from commercial dyes.

Choose Your Footwear Carefully

While flip-flops are a common go-to, they are linked to high levels of foot pain and injuries because they don’t provide the best support. Instead, look to pick up arch-supporting sandals that come with adjustable straps that you can fit snugly around your ankles.