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General Foot Care Tips To Save On Pedicures

Pedicures are a fairly common practice that many people use to keep their feet in good order. Unfortunately, pedicures can also take a long time and can get pretty expensive with time too! So, how can you keep your feet soft and healthy without those weekly trips to the nail salon? It’s surprisingly easy! In this post, we will discuss general tips to keep your feet looking fabulous!

Do I Really Need To Take Care of My Feet?

Taking care of your feet is a crucial part of maintaining your overall health—it is not purely cosmetic. The hard truth is that pedicures are not preventative. When you get them, it is because your general foot care led you to feel the need for them. But, if you take care of your feet regularly, you will find that you don’t need them at all!

Protecting Feet

Protecting your feet is an important part of maintaining your body’s health. A little upfront effort can go a long way in helping you to keep your feet supported and safe from injury. It is also a great place to start in order to keep your feet looking nice!

To protect your feet, the best thing that you can do is wear the right shoes and socks. Shoes should offer comfort and good support. More importantly, they should not be rubbing on the feet in any uncomfortable places. Doing this will help you with any dryness or rough spots. For socks, you will want to choose something that absorbs moisture without over drying. This can help you to avoid any bacteria build-up.

Keeping Feet Soft

Having soft feet is something that most people prefer, which is why pedicures are so popular. Most of us get them because it helps us to have soft and supported feet that also look nice and feel good. Fortunately, a pedicure isn’t the only way to keep your feet nice and soft.

There are many different ways to keep your feet soft, but chances are that you will use a combination of methods to have the best results.

Popular options are:

  • Regularly Using Lotion—Our feet often get the short end of the stick when it comes to lotion application. Using a nice basic lotion on your feet can keep them feeling soft and looking nice. For the best effects, use lotion on your feet before bed at night, and make sure to always let them dry back out before you put socks on if you are prone to bacteria growth.

  • Use A Foot Buffer—Foot buffers can be purchased online with ease for a low price, and they offer truly great results. A buffer can help to get rid of the rough spots on your feet and will remove any excess dry skin. They are easy to use, but always be careful. Avoid being too rough or overusing these devices, as they can cause irritation. A little daily buffing can keep your feet very soft.

  • Use A Foot Mask—Like face masks, foot masks allow you to get the benefit of a rich moisturizing solution. The end result is soft feet that are ready for sandal season! Simply look for a mask online or in the store and follow the directions on the packaging. These can really help you improve the feel and appearance of your feet.

Maintaining Toe Nails

Toe nails play a huge role in our foot health, which is why you need to manage them. Make sure that you regularly trim your toenails. It can also help to file them as well. Keep your toenails smooth and even so that they stay healthy, and give them a good scrub in the shower too!

The easiest way to manage your nails at home is to invest in a nail kit. These kits will come with tools designed specifically to help you maintain your nails—and they can be used for your fingers too! With a kit, you can have full access to the tools that you need to support your toes!


When it comes down to it, no one needs a pedicure. With the right tools and techniques, you can keep your feet looking fabulous every single day instead of just after you get a pedicure. Over time, this will save money—and the more maintenance work that you do, the less you have to worry about later. Next time your feet need a little extra care, skip the salon and handle it at home. It is safer and will ensure that your feet are always ready for sandal season or a nice pair of strappy shoes!

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