Do Heel Injections Help Pain?

The majority of people would agree that there are few things worse than an unexpected or consistent pain. Whether the pain is sharp or dull, it is generally something that is best left avoided. When you consider the fact that some people experience pain that is in an area that is completely unavoidable in daily life, you can really run into trouble. One of the more bothersome forms of consistent pain is heel pain. For those who have experienced it, this obnoxious pain can turn walking from a nuisance into a full-blown problem that can make participating in daily activities feel nearly impossible. In this article, we will address heel pain, its causes, and how you can treat this unpleasant form of pain.

Causes of Heel Pain

There are a variety of different causes that can lead to you experiencing heel pain. These problems can range from chronic conditions to simple injuries, and the approach to treating each of them is a little different. You can experience pain in different parts of the heel, and it can range in severity depending on the cause. A proper podiatrist will be able to determine what the cause of your heel pain is so that actions can be taken.

Heel Spurs

While most people have heard of spurs, not many people realize all of the places that you can get them. A common cause of heel pain is a heel spur, which occurs when a calcium deposit builds up on the underside of your heel. These problematic growths can vary in size and are generally considered to be quite painful, particularly if they are bigger in nature.

Arthritis of the Foot

Another common cause of pain around the body, including the heel, is arthritis. Arthritis is caused by an inflammation of the joints. This can be the cause of heel pain in a few ways. First, it can be arthritis in the local area causing the pain. Second, heel pain can be caused when you end up walking differently because of arthritic pain.

Heel Injuries

One of the more common causes of heel pain that anyone can experience is simply that of an injury. When you are walking or running, you always run the risk of coming down on your foot wrong. This can result in a stress fracture or other problems in the area. The end result