Recognizing Poor Circulation In Your Feet

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Poor circulation is an underlying indicator of many different health problems, but it is also a problem itself. Due to gravity and the way that our circulatory system works, it is fairly common for poor circulation to present itself in the feet and the legs. Recognizing the indicators of poor circulation can help you to more easily achieve quick and effective medical treatment as needed. Our feet aren’t just important because they take us from one place to the next. They can tell us a surprising amount about our health as a whole. Read on to learn about poor circulation, how to recognize it, and what it can imply.

What Does Poor Circulation Mean?

Poor circulation means that your body is ineffectively circulating the blood in your body. Since our bodies rely on blood to get nutrients and oxygen, it comes as no surprise that good circulation is fairly important. If your body is not circulating enough blood, you can experience a wide range of problems and side effects. To ensure that your body’s needs are being met, keeping a good pulse on the effectiveness of your circulation can be incredibly important.

What Can Poor Circulation Cause?

When you have poor circulation, you reduce your body’s ability to operate in the way that it needs to. It is simply not as effective because its resources are not operating under prime conditions. Poor circulation can make you feel exhausted, put unnecessary strain on your body, and even lead to more dangerous outcomes. If your body is struggling to get enough oxygen to different areas, you can end up feeling fatigued, unable to think clearly, suffering from a lack of oxygen or feeling winded, or even end up with damage to certain parts of your body. The fact is that everyone’s body needs enough blood in the right areas to keep everything in good order, which is why it is so important to pay attention when you see indicators of poor blood circulation. You can generally keep a fairly strong gauge on your circulation and even detect high blood pressure from your feet and legs.

Conditions Associated With Poor Circulation

Poor circulation