Why You Shouldn’t Wear Flat Soled Shoes: Prolonged Use Can Lead to Health Problems

If you take a quick look into your shoe closet, chances are that you have at least one pair of flat soled shoes. Whether it’s a pair of ballet flats, a simple pair of flip-flops, or slip-on sandals for the summer months, flat soled shoes are a common piece of attire that many of us have. Most of us gravitate towards them because they are easy to put on, perfect for warmer weather, and are generally inexpensive, but the real question here is: why shouldn’t you own them? More and more cases of foot problems are cropping up, and the common factor that has linked them all are flat soled shoes.

What Makes Flat Soled Shoes Bad for Your Feet?

There are several characteristics of flat soled shoes that can harm your feet:

  • Thin, unsupportive soles that provide no arch support.

  • Narrow toe boxes that crowd toes/squish toes together.

  • No ankle coverage to lock-in your heel, causing slippage and shifting.

  • No arch support means an unsteady gait.

What Kinds of Health Problems Can They Cause?