Your Ankle Could Be Broken!

The majority of us believe that if we were injured in some capacity, we would know. In a lot of instances, this is absolutely true. However, there are other times when we can injure ourselves without realizing the damage that we have done. This is even more problematic because most people, failing to realize that they have injured themselves, run the risk of injuring themselves that much more without proper treatment. Most people can speak to the pain of a broken bone, but their lesser cousin, the hairline fracture, is a condition that has been haunting the human body for some time. Few people realize how easy it is to get hairline fractures in their feet, and this can lead to a worse injury as well as a potential need for extreme treatments. This is one type of injury where listening to your body is very important.

What Is A Hairline Fracture?

Within the world of podiatry, a hairline fracture, also known as a microfracture, is an injury that causes a very small fracture in the areas around your feet and ankles. This unfortunate injury is more common than most people know, and while some people might take a hint and take some time off their foot, others will merely think that they are sore and keep moving. This is where hairline fractures can be dangerous. Though these fractures are less severe than a full break, they still require treatment and must be tended to in order to preserve the integrity of the bone. Understanding when you have a potential hairline fracture can save you a lot of time and money.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Hairline Fracture?

As you might expect, a fractured bone is not a particularly pleasant sensation. The end result of this is pain that varies in severity depending on the injury itself as well as how you treat it. In order to understand how extreme your injury is, pain might help as a gauge, but the only true way to know is by visiting a foot doctor to have the foot checked out. In addition to pain, you can generally expect a wider range of foot-related problems that will alert you to the fact that something is amiss.

Many people experience swelling and bruising, but that is no